Durso Standpipe for 1.5 Inch Bulkhead (1.5 inch PVC)

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Fully assembled, ready to use, Durso Standpipe for 1.5 inch bulkhead.

This is a true 1.5 inch standpipe made from 1.5 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe and Schedule 40 fittings. This is ideal for large tanks that need to handle very high flow rates.

Provided your overflow teeth spacing and drain design allows it, this product should be able to handle 1,500 GPH.

Use the options below to customize the standpipe to your needs.

Standpipe Height:

is the height of your tank as measured from the bottom glass to the top rim of the tank itself (not the height of the plastic overflow chamber wall). The standpipe is designed so that the endcap (top) is about equal to the top rim of your tank (+/- 1/2 inch). You should round up to the nearest inch if needed. (For example, if your tank height is 23.5 inches, select 24 inches). Standpipes taller than 28 inches will cost a little extra due to the increased box size.


Bulkhead Style:

is the type of connector needed to attach the standpipe to your drain line. A Slip bulkhead requires a standpipe to simply slide into the bulkhead. A Threaded bulkhead requires a standpipe to be threaded (much like how a nut screws onto a bolt).

NOTE: Intake strainer is sold separately: Intake Strainer for Durso Standpipe

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